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My Story - By Chloe

Chloe also stayed at Dudley Lodge, she wrote a story about her stay. Read her stay was like below!

Hello, my name’s Chloe, and this is my brother, Joe.... 

Chloe and her brother

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One day our Social Worker, Sam, told us that we were going to be moving into Dudley Lodge for a few weeks with our mummy and daddy.

She said it was like a school for mummies and daddies to help them look after their children better.  I like school, but I felt a bit scared about what Dudley Lodge might be like.

The social worker Sam with Chloe and her brother explaining about Dudley Lodge

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My head felt confused and muddled, like a ball of wool after a kitten has played with it.

Sometimes I wanted to talk and talk about what was going to happen and sometimes I just wanted to be on my own.

Sometimes it can help to draw a picture of how you are feeling.

Sometimes you might want to show it to the grown ups who care about you, because it will help them understand what you are thinking and feeling.

Chloe and her brother

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I felt really happy it would mean we could be back with mummy and daddy again, but my tummy felt really wobbly too.  Like a jelly. I didn’t want mummy and daddy to be as cross.

They used to shout a lot at each other and it made me feel scared.  My brother Joe was very quiet, and I worried about him too.

Mutliple pictures of Chloe with a range of expressions

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Our Social Worker, Sam, said the best thing you can do when you feel muddled is talk to someone you feel you can trust – Sam helped me to make a safety flower with the names of the people I trust, like my Social Worker, teacher and Foster Carer.

Sam helping Chloe make her safety flower

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Our Social Worker showed us photos of Dudley Lodge and then we read the Children's Guide.

That is very helpful and tells you all about what happens. The staff there are very friendly and you can talk to any of them, if you feel sick or worrried, or kidy if you want to show you them stuff, like a picure you have made or your favourite toy.

Sam showing Chloe and her brother pictures of a car and swing

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You might have lots of different questions you want to ask. The best way is to get a grown up (like your social worker or foster carer) to help you make a list.

Then when you find out the answers to your questions you can write them down too. That way you don't forget anything, and you can read it whenever you feel muddled.

Chloe making a list

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Then we wrote down a Special List of all my muddles.  It was VERY long!!

I wrote:


Where is Dudley Lodge? 

What does it look like? 

Where will I sleep? 

Who else lives there?

Will there be a garden to play in? 

What can I take with me? 

Can I have a pet? 

Will I see my foster carers while I am there?

Who can visit me? 

Can I see my friends? 

How will I get to school? 

How long will I live there for?

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Who you can ask for help