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Community Based Assessments

Community Based assessments are undertaken in the family home, where the children may be in care of the local authority, or resident at home with their parents/carers. This type of assessment minimises disruption for the children. We provide supervision at times deemed most ‘risky’ for the child/ren, for example early mornings, evenings and/or weekends, Community Based Assessments are conducted for a period of up to 12 weeks.

The exact programme of assessment work will be tailored to the individual needs and requirements of each family.  Please call us to discuss your requirements as we can adapt to individual families needs. 

Possible options include the following:

Intensive 4 – 6 week assessment

The exact nature of each assessment would be individually tailored to incorporate both observational sessions and individual & couple work. In each instance managerial/supervisory support would be forthcoming, with the Team/Case Manager observing/meeting with the family at least once each week in order to assess the efficacy of the work programme first hand.

Six – twelve week assessments

These assessments would involve approximately 15 hours per week of assessment and direct work, with observation/input sessions lasting between 2 – 5 hours.

Specific issues assessment

This option is available in circumstances where a specific area of parental care or family functioning has been identified as requiring assessment. For example, care of children after school or during weekends, or family dynamics regarding a particular family member whom the child has regular contact with.

In-house Community based assessment carried out within a residential setting

We also conduct community based assessments within a residential family centre. This is particularly helpful when a parent does not have their own accommodation.