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Educational Groups

As part of your assessment parents attend different groups to help them learn and improve their parenting knowledge, skills and insight. We use different ways to encourage and support you in doing this, including:

  • Discussion
  • Demonstrations 
  • Practical skill sessions
  • Role play
  • Scenarios
  • Picturel materials
  • Rating scales
  • Questionnaires
  • Stories
  • Videos

Protection Group 

Protection Group helps parents’/carers’ learn about safeguarding and protection, so they can recognise risk keep their children and themselves safe.


OK Group- Self-esteem work 

‘OK Group’ looks at self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness skills. The group aims to support parents/carers in their wellbeing and ability to care for their child(ren).

OK Group content includes:

  • Understanding self-esteem.
  • Learning how to develop children’s self esteem.
  • Self-awareness.
  • Rights and responsibilities.
  • Understanding and providing for their own and their child’s needs.
  • The parenting role.
  • Ingredients for a healthy relationship.
  • Indentifying coping strategies, reducing stress levels, managing anger etc.
  • Developing assertiveness skills.
  • Family relationships.
  • Taking care of your physical health (exercise, good food, relaxation and enough sleep).
  • Taking care of your appearance (personal hygiene, presentation).

Freedom Programme – Domestic Abuse 

The Freedom Programme is a domestic abuse group for women, however we know that men can also be abused by their partners therefore the group is suitable for both women and men. Sometimes men and women attend who have been abusers or victims of witnessing domestic abuse themselves as a child. The group focuses on the personality of ‘The Dominator’ and the different characters they may display.

Each week we look at one character and explore how their behaviour affects us and our children. We also look at their beliefs and attitudes so that we can spot the early warning signs of an abuser. After attending a Freedom Programme many women and men have said that they understand their partner’s behaviour more and they become more aware of what is happening to them. They have also said that they can then make different choices and feel comfortable with doing so for themselves and for their children.


Health and Nutrition – ‘Cooking Club’ 

Our weekly Cooking Club is a practical based group that develops parents’ cooking skills, knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating. We also look at:

  • What is Healthy Eating?
  • The weaning process.
  • Food hygiene.
  • The benefits of eating 5-a-day.
  • The importance of appropriate portion size.
  • Understanding food labels
  • How to provide healthy meals on a budget.

Play Sessions 

The Play sessions happen each week in the centre’s playroom. They allow parents to develop their play skills and learn new ways of interacting with their child(ren).