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We are sure you probably have lots of questions, so we have tried to answer as many as possible below!

Click on each question to read the answer.

What is Dudley Lodge?

Dudley Lodge is a little bit like a school for mums and dads.

We help parents learn about children and their needs, how to look after them and how to keep them safe.


Where is Dudley Lodge?

Dudley Lodge has 2 centres.

We have one in Coventry called Dudley Lodge and one in Birmingham called Bonner House.


Where will I sleep?


You will have your own bedroom, although if you have a brother or sister you might share a bedroom with them.

You can make your room feel like your own by putting up pictures, stickers, posters or photographs.


Who else lives there?

Lots of families live here, and every family has their own flat.

We have children of all ages coming to stay, from tiny babies to big children, along with their grown-ups.


Will there be a garden to play in?

Both centre’s have a gardens with outdoor toys.

They also have big playrooms, full of toys, books and arts and crafts materials.


What can I take with me?

You can bring anything that will help you feel at home here whilst you stay with here, things like your toys, books, soft toys, bike, photographs...

The only thing you can’t bring with you is your pet, but don’t worry, your social worker will help find someone to look after your furry friend.


Will I see my foster carers while I am there?

If you have a foster carer your social worker will talk to you about the plans for seeing them.


Who can visit me?

To keep everyone at Dudley Lodge safe we only let people visit that the Social Worker says are allowed.

If there is someone you want to visit, talk to your Social Worker.


Can I see my friends?

As children can’t drive,  seeing your friends as often as before might be little trickier than when you are living at home or with your Foster Carer.


But remember, you’re only going to stay here for a little while so you will soon see your friends again.


How will I get to school?

Don’t worry about getting to school, we will go in a taxi, get on the bus or walk! If your school is really far away, you might need to go to a different school for a little while just whilst you live here.

If this happens, we will make visits to the school first, and will help you make lots of new friends.


How long will I live there for?

All the children come to stay for different amounts of time, some children stay for only a couple of weeks; others stay for a couple of months.

Everyone is different, and when you move in your Social Worker will know a little more about how long you and your family will stay here for.


What does it look like?

Dudley Lodge and Bonner House look like this:

This is Bonner House

This is the outside of Bonner House


These are the play areas


These are our flats

This is Dudley Lodge


This is the outside of Dudley Lodge


These are the play areas


These are our flats


Any other questions?

We’re sure you will have lots of other questions before coming to stay here. Have a look at ‘Chloe’s story Here. She had lots of questions too and might be able to help! If not, ask a grown up for help to telephone us or send us an email.