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Residential Assessments

We provide a range of Residential Assessments for families at both our Dudley Lodge and Bonner House Centres. We undertake the majority of our residential assessments within timescales between 4 - 12 weeks.

However, within these timeframes, we reserve the right to suspend/terminate an assessment if, at any stage, it is felt that it is not in the best interests of the child for the placement to continue. Should such a situation arise, full consultation with the Social Worker and Children’s Guardian would take place, and a final decision would be made in conjunction with these professionals.

24-hour Surveillance of a child within a residential setting

We can provide any level of supervision and monitoring, including 24-hour surveillance of a child for high risk cases. We usually provide this service for 4 weeks.  After this period of time, should our assessment indicate that supervision levels cannot be reduced in any way, we would recommend the assessment be terminated.

This assessment opportunity allows for a clear picture of care provision to be established in circumstances where levels of risk (potential or actual) may deem any other assessment approach to be untenable.  Equally, in cases where placements have to be terminated in their early stages, this enables effective and informed long term planning/decision making  to be implemented within positive timeframes for children .