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A Parent's Story

Our goal is always to keep families together when it is in the best interest of the child. That’s why we love hearing the stories of those who have had a successful assessment with us. Read some of them below by clicking the pictures:

I came to Bonner house for an assessment because of my past. My last two children were removed from my care so this was my only chance of being able to go home with my new baby and prove that I could be a good mum. I was scared about going to stay there at first and thought that it would feel like a prison but it really was not that bad at all. The staff were nice when I arrived and helped me to carry all my bags, I had a lot.

I ended up enjoying my time being assessed and attended lots of courses that helped me to understand how to become a better parent. I learnt a lot from the freedom project and how domestic violence affects children. There was also time to attend stay and play sessions with my baby and this was always good fun and different every week. I feel that I am a much better parent now and this is because of the time that I spent at Bonner house, I was always able to ask staff when I was unsure of things and this has helped me to gain confidence in how to be a mum. I now concentrate on my baby and am not influenced by other like I used to be.

Without Bonner house my baby would have been taken away from me and I would not have had the opportunity to be a mum.

If I had to give advice to a parent about to have an assessment I would tell them to concentrate on their baby and not other residents. Remember going home with your baby is all that matters. Also ask staff if you need help they will help and support you.



Added 17.09.2020

We were asked to come to Bonner House a few weeks before I was due to give birth, due to domestic abuse in our relationship. Although we knew our relationship was not healthy, we didn’t quite fully accept that we had put ourselves into the position we were in and were facing loosing our daughter. 

During the 12 week assessment we were able to complete different courses and “sessions” on multiple topics that helped us be the parents that we are today! We were also able to access Relate Counselling which helped us understand each other better. 

Supervision levels for us started off very high due to concerns social services had, but after proving ourselves they gradually reduced and by the end of the assessment the supervision levels were similar to what they would be at home. 

Our biggest regret is looking at reviews online and painting a negative picture in our heads of the place before we even arrived, because honestly it isn’t bad at all. Of course we wanted to be in our own home but being at Bonner House made it possible for all 3 of us to go home together! 

Bonner House was our last chance of going home with our baby, and with all the support and guidance from our Team Case Manager, Link Workers and all the other staff-we all left together, we have been home for 3 months and the ICO is being discharged next month! 







I enjoyed my Assessment and found the staff to be helpful and supportive during my time at D/L. Things were explained clearly to me and staff showed me the local amenities such as parks and shops that I would be able to use during my stay. I didn’t know what to expect but I gained up to date knowledge in a supportive environment to help me care for my baby. Dudley lodge has good facilities and I always enjoyed spending time in the play room and the garden with my baby.

If I had to offer any advice to someone about to come to Dudley lodge for an Assessment I would tell them to try to listen to the staff because they are here to help. It’s not a criticism and you could learn so much.