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Healthy Meals On A Budget

Healthy Meals On A Budget

15 March 2018

Healthy Meals On A Budget

Sometimes it can feel impossible to A. Get your child to eat a healthy meal full of vegetables and B. Find a healthy meal that doesn’t cost a fortune. We’ve listed links to great healthy recipes that contain hidden vegetables and don’t stretch your purse strings – and as an added bonus they can be made in under an hour!

Pasta with tomato and hidden veg sauce:
A recipe loved by so many kids – you can even use the sauce as a base for pizza!
It serves 4 people, is super easy and if oil and sugar are products you already have in your cupboard it costs £4.60 to make! That works out to about £1.15 per person.

Pizza Quesadillas:
A great alternative to pizza! Quesadillas are much healthier, lower in fat and salt. They’re quick and easy and you’ll find many of the ingredients you will already have in your cupboards at home! An alternative to the dipping sauce suggested in this recipe (as its quite complex and contains a lot of ingredients) follow this easy two-minute healthy ketchup recipe:

Cheesy Fish Sticks:
Getting Omega 3 into your kids can be hard as many will turn away from many fish options. These fish sticks are a healthier alternative to fish fingers and take 25 minutes! We suggest swapping the ingredients suggestion of ‘panko (Japanese) breadcrumbs’ to regular breadcrumbs!

20 Healthy Snack Options Your Kids Will Love
Kids often beg for crisps and chocolate over fruit or any other healthy alternative but has suggested some brilliant ways of getting kids to eat the healthier option by turning food into creatures! Click the link to see their suggestions.

Flashy Fajitas!
Fajitas are a brilliant way of getting kids to eat some good wholesome food. The fun activity of building their wrap and adding all the different elements often distracts them from the fact they’re getting healthy stuff they wouldn’t eat normally! Fajitas can be cooked in as quick as 20 minutes and cost as low as £5 for a family of 4!

Healthy Lollypops
These quick and simple lollies are suitable for breakfast, as snacks or after dinner desserts! With only two ingredients they take minutes and go down a treat.


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