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7 Benefits of Drinking More Water

7 Benefits of Drinking More Water

16 March 2018

7 Benefits of Drinking More Water

We’re always told we need to drink more water but why? We know it keeps us hydrated and it doesn’t have harmful sugar like soda or cordial but does upping our intake of water significantly change our health and well-being? We’ve found 12 impressive and shocking facts that demonstrate the benefit of drinking more water.

1. Upping your intake of water can prevent:
Constipation, heartburn, migraine, gastritis, and ulcers.

2. Water Prevents Backache
Unbelievably, drinking water can help to prevent any aches and pains in your back! Our spine sits on a large volume of water and keeping hydrated helps to support posture and movement.

3. Boosts Metabolism
Water can help aid in weight loss. Drinking plenty and eating a healthy diet speeds up the digestion of food and aids in building the speed of your metabolism.

4. It Improves Brain Function and Energy
Your brain is influenced heavily by how hydrated you are, it explains why when you’re thirsty you can feel sluggish and unable to concentrate. Keeping your water levels up can help you to be more productive and energised.

5. Improves Mood
Studies have found that not drinking enough throughout the day can negatively impact the way we feel.

6. Helps Build Your Immune System
There’s a reason we’re told to drink plenty when we’re unwell and its because of how much of an impact water has on the development and strengthening of our bodies.

7. Gives You Better Skin
Water is natures own ‘beauty cream’, it helps prevent aging, detoxifies impurities, and plumps the skin to keep it looking younger!

Are you drinking enough?

Men should aim to drink 13 cups (3litres) of water a day, whilst women should aim to drink 9 cups (2.2 litres). This can seem like a bit of an impossible task but investing in a large refillable water bottle can make it much easier to reach your daily recommended intake.


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