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International Day of Families

International Day of Families

15 May 2018

International Day of Families

International Day of Families

Today on international day of families we wanted to celebrate the families we have helped. Below is a letter from a previous resident who came to us for a residential assessment over four years ago. She shares how Dudley Lodge helped her and her family get to the point they are at today.

“Hiya the team at Dudley Lodge.

Myself, James and little Oliver stayed with you in 2014. We just wanted to thank you all and give you a bit of an update.

We are all doing very well, my not so little Oliver starts school this September, we also had a little girl and called her Emmie, she is due to start Nursery in September. We have moved to a house and are both in work. We still to this date talk about how positive being in Dudley lodge was for us.

If it wasn't for the support and assessment it could have been another story for us. Again, thank you guys so much. We still use techniques we learned, and we are able to take the whole experience and reflect it positively on our family.

Being at Dudley lodge taught us a lot about ourselves, each other, and our relationship - as well as being parents and our parenting. 

You all were amazing.

From Myself & James”

The previous resident also informed us that she and her partner have not had a care order for over two years and child services have no involvement with the family. Keeping families together where possible is always our aim at Dudley Lodge so it’s great to hear the positive impact we’ve had on a family who are thriving years after staying with us.

We hope you enjoy International Day of Families!

For confidentiality and in line with data protection names have been changed and permission was granted to post this story as well as the photo used by the original sender.


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