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17 May 2018


A guide to what Ramadan is, why Muslims partake and all the questions you may have. 

Most of us will be aware it’s Ramadan, if not through social media then you’ll have seen the designated sections for it in the supermarkets. But what is Ramadan and what does the month involve for those who take part?

What does Ramadan entail? For the most part, we know Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset – yes that includes no food, no water or smoking. Muslims will have one meal before sunrise and another just after sunset. During Ramadan, Muslims are encouraged to focus on prayer and reading the Quran. They’re also encouraged to give to good causes and help others. 

You can't even drink water? Nope, nothing!

Is it rude to drink and eat in front of someone doing Ramadan? No, Muslims understand others aren’t doing Ramadan and don’t expect people to not drink or eat around them.

Why do they do it? Ramadan is the holiest time in the Islamic calendar. A time for Muslims to focus on prayer, reflection and cleanse past sins and concentrate on good deeds. 

Is it bad for you? Fasting isn’t bad for your health and it isn’t dangerous so long as you have no pre-existing problems or medical conditions. Children, those on prescription medication, elderly and pregnant women are not required to participate.

Surely you just have a massive feast before and after fasting so you’re not hungry? This seems like the thing to do but having a blowout can give you a worse bout of hunger during the day so it’s best to eat sensibly. Indulging in really salty food can also make dehydration worse too.

What happens at the end of Ramadan? ‘Eid’ marks the end of Ramadan and is marked by prayers and celebration. children often receive presents 

Does the time for fasting change each day? Yes, the time the sun sets and rises changes by a few minutes every day so the time for fasting gets longer every day. 

All in all, Ramadan is a time for peace and reflection! 



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