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Carers Week

Carers Week

12 June 2018

Carers Week

You may have previously read our ‘young carers’ article back in January. This week, we’re looking at carers of all ages. It’s so important to recognise the hard work and commitment of carers who often go unrecognised for what they do. Across the UK 6.5 million people provide care for a loved one who is older, disabled or seriously ill.

Carers are unpaid for the care they provide, claiming only carers benefit which is the lowest paid benefit across the system. All carers are different, many are unable to work because the care their loved one requires is so demanding. Other carers hold down full-time and part-time jobs alongside caring. For all carers, those who work and those who don’t, caring has a huge impact on their physical and mental health.

Recent reports show that three quarters (72%) of unpaid carers in the UK have suffered from poor mental health as a result of caring*. A further 61% said they felt their physical health had also deteriorated.

You may not know that someone you know, work with, or are friends with cares for someone. Many carers report feeling lonely and isolated. That’s why carers week is so important. It offers support and recognition to carers for the amazing work they do. The work carers provide is worth over £132 billion per year*.

What can you do to help?

Go to an event: Many events across the UK are going on this week which include coffee mornings, health and wellbeing events, information events and social events to show support and offer help to carers. You don’t have to be a carer to go along, feel free to go and chat to people, learn about what they do and how they manage.

Make a pledge:
Make a pledge to show support, on your own or as part of your workplace.

Raise awareness in the workplace:
Get people talking about carers and spread awareness about the work they do. Doing this could help people who are carers but don’t reach out for support look to use things available to them. 1 in 9 employees in the workplace are carers.



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