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Adult Learner’s Week

Adult Learner’s Week

19 June 2018

Adult Learner’s Week

Adult Learner’s Week

18th – 24th June

Have you ever wished you could speak another language? Learn to cook? Or maybe you want to get into a new job doing something you’ve always been interested in.

Adult Leaner’s week is a great opportunity to finally take the plunge into getting started in a new venture or skill. Most courses or classes you can fit into your current everyday life whether you need to be flexible because of your family or your current job adult learner’s week aims to open you up to opportunities to fulfil your goals whilst not disrupting your day to day life.

If it’s fees and funding you’re worried about you can find many short-term classes like learning a language or learning to cook for free. Other learning courses that involve college or university do cost money but places like the open university, colleges, and Student Finance England will work with you to make sure you have a payment plan that is achievable and reasonable to your circumstances.

We spoke to some people about their experiences of learning as an adult and how it has benefited them:

‘After my children started school I realised I wanted to go into a career more child-friendly and education focused as I’d always wanted to work in a school but never got the qualifications. Reading about Adult Learners Week gave me the push to look into how I could do it and after meeting with someone at my local college I started evening classes so it fit into my family life. Now I’m a teaching assistant and only wish I’d done it sooner.’ Amy, Sandwell

‘I always hated school and as soon as I was 16 I left and started work. It was good to begin with but as my friends started graduating and gaining their qualifications and getting better jobs, I felt stuck with no prospects of promotion. The OU allowed me to continue earning money and learn at my own pace.’ James, Coventry

‘I’ve never been very good at cooking and felt bad that I was always preparing ready meals for my kids so decided to take a free cooking class in my local area, now I can cook a range of different meals and know my kids are getting the best food for them.’ Joanne, Birmingham.

Sites to all the available courses near you:

What our parents learn with us:

At Dudley Lodge we want to make sure our residents learn as much whilst they’re with us as they can. As well as all the necessary parenting skills we run groups and sessions on cooking, money management, baby massage, life skills, and wellbeing groups. All led by our fully trained staff or external companies to give parent’s the best opportunities to succeed. To read more about our groups click HERE.


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