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Resident’s Success Story

Resident’s Success Story

20 June 2018

Resident’s Success Story

Resident’s Success Story 

A resident who had a successful placement with us recently emailed us with some feedback on her assessment and some advice she wanted to offer to any future parents that may be coming for a residential assessment. We thought what she wrote was very honest and beneficial to those who may have never experienced a parenting assessment. 
Check out what she wrote below. 

I have completed my 12-week assessment at Bonner House. It can be very difficult and overwhelming at times. It’s a big challenge and you can feel you are under a lot of pressure but my experience at Bonner House has been good. You gain and learn so much from the groups you attend. Also, the staff are supportive and give you good advice on becoming a good enough parent. They guide you in the right direction towards the future, you may need to work on certain areas so take on board what the staff say and work on it. Stay focused and hold your head down, at the end of the day the staff are there to help you succeed, they all want you to go home with your baby. It’s not criticism when they say things to you, its advice to guide you in the right direction. If it wasn’t for Bonner House I may not have been able to keep my son I’m thankful to be walking out that door with him. Stay strong and just keep fighting, if I can do it, so can you.

You may have read some of our previous resident’s experience on their assessment with Dudley Lodge before if you haven’t you can check them out HERE.

For any further advice or questions download our residents guide by clicking HERE.



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