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Mixed Berry Ice Popsicles

Mixed Berry Ice Popsicles

23 July 2018

Mixed Berry Ice Popsicles

Another addition to our Summer Snacks for Kids is our mixed berry ice popsicles. These ice popsicles are a great alternative to sugary ice-lollies, they get kids interested in fruit as they’re super quick and easy to make with little mess or cleaning up.

You can swap the fruit we’ve used for any others your child prefers more and get the same results!

Serves 6


2 cups of mixed berries
1 Lime


Remove the greenery from any of the fruit and pour the two cups of mixed berries into a blender and squirt some lime juice in

Blitz the berries for 30 seconds until pureed if you want them to have chunks blitz for less time. If you want them completely smooth blitz until you have the desired consistency.

Pour into ice pop holders and freeze for 8-12 hours.

Super easy, super simple.



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