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World Friendship Day

World Friendship Day

30 July 2018

World Friendship Day

On world friendship day we wanted to reflect on and use some of the discussions we use with our residents to look at recognising a good friend and a bad friend.

Friends are important to our lives, they’re often referred to as the family we get to choose. So, how do we choose the right ones?

There are many traits you can look out for in a person to identify whether they have your best interests in mind or whether they’re likely to bring chaos and disorder to your life.

1.People that exploit your generosity.

Unfortunately, there are some people that seek to take advantage of the nice things you have, be that a car, a home, clothes or just any personal items. You’ll find these people always need a favour but can never help you when you need them or they’re always borrowing your belongings.

As friends, we often share each other’s things, but a bad friend will never return them or if they do they may be damaged, they always need to borrow money but never return it. When you confront them or question them about this behaviour they become angry and make you feel bad.

2.People that are jealous of your other friends or close family members.

These types of friends will often try to detach you from your other friends or even your family. They’re very clingy and you’ll find they require your attention constantly. If it is that you meet up with other people, they become angry that they aren’t invited or if it is that you’re planning something when they’re around they invite themselves.

This person often has negative things to say about people you’re close to and attempt to cause a gap between you and others by suggesting they’re not good friends or don’t have your best interests at heart.

3.People that push you into doing things you don’t want to or feel uncomfortable doing.

These people may push you into situations you don’t want to be in or pressure you to do things you’re not comfortable with or know are wrong, such as taking drugs. They’ll try to embarrass you or make you feel stupid for objecting.

These people are incredibly toxic and can send your life into chaos. Stand your ground on things you know are wrong and don’t allow them to pressure you into doing things you don’t want to. Walk away and leave the situation if you need to.

4. They put you down or make you feel bad about yourself in front of other people.

As a means to gain control over you, these types of people will embarrass you or make jokes at your expense in front of others but call you too sensitive or incapable of taking a joke if you call them up on it.

Don’t allow these people to make you question your self-worth or make you feel as though you’re making a big deal out of it.

5. They reject any opinion you have that is different from theirs

Having different opinions is what makes us all different, whilst most of us know and accept this there are some people who will tell you you’re wrong until you agree with their way of thinking.



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