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Making Formula Bottle

Making Formula Bottle

04 December 2018

Making Formula Bottle

When making your baby a formula bottle ensure the bottle has been sterilised beforehand (see our sterilising bottles article for more info)


What you’ll need


Sterilise Bottle


- Wash your hands thoroughly to begin with

- Make sure the formula you are using is appropriate for your baby and is in date

- Shake the formula before using it

- Boil your kettle and leave for 15 minutes, you want to avoid adding boiling water with your formula mix as this can make it go lumpy and bad. If you do not use the boiled kettle water after 30 minutes you will need to re-boil it to ensure the water is free of germs from but try to avoid doing this as it can increase impurities within the water

- Fill the water to however many ounces your baby is feeding on

- Using the scoop provided in the formula tin scoop the same number of formula scoops as the same number of ounces – for example, 3 ounces would mean 3 scoops of formula

- Make sure you scrape off excess formula using the lip provided on the formula tin so you’re not adding too much to the bottle

- Once added to the bottle make sure you clip the scooper back into the formula tub so as it does not get dirt or contaminated.

- Screw the bottle top on well and shake thoroughly until completely mixed together

- Drop a few drops of the milk onto your wrist to check the temperature is appropriate before feeding the baby.


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