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Bonner House Snowdon Charity Event

Bonner House Snowdon Charity Event

19 August 2019

Bonner House Snowdon Charity Event

A HUGE well done to our Bonner House team who climbed Snowdon on Monday! Completely it in an amazing 6-7 hours with smiles on their faces, they have raised over £900 so far! Thanks for all the support and well done again![❤️][👍][⛰️]

See below for the links to the donation pages!

Rachel's journey

"​We did it!! We loved every minute! 4hrs to get up 3 hrs to come down.

Driving into Snowdonia national park was quite intimidating- seeing all the Mountains and knowing in an hour or so we would be attempting to climb one- to the top.

The weather was perfect. Sunny, with some cloud. Warm and windy. The summit was covered with low cloud.

The first half of the walk was challenging. A small hut with a tuck shop marked the halfway point. Nothing would prepare us for the second half. It got steeper and steeper even challenging the youngsters of the group who had led the way initially. The views were spectacular, rolling hills, rivers and lakes. Stunning.

The Snowdon train trundled up and down past us and at times I wished I was on it- it was getting tough. Other walkers passing us on their descent would tell us how long we had left to go. I think time got lost on that mountain as this ranged from an hour- an hour and half- forty mins!

As we reached the summit and we couldn’t see in the cloud I lost our group! Matt and Grace were in front by about ten minutes- Kirsty behind by 10 mins Ayesha and Abida behind me by a further 30 mins. I was scared, tired, I didn’t want to go back knowing id have to climb again so I pushed forward willing myself to keep going.

Eventually I reached the top and Matt and Grace were there, and I was so relieved I burst into tears! Relief, pride and the freezing conditions overcame me. We went to the café and bought hot chocolate. I couldn’t believe I`d done it. Kirsty came soon after, followed by Abida and Ayesha. We hugged and had some food and a hot drink before taking the obligatory summit pictures and facing the inevitable-we had to go back down!"


6 members of our Bonner House team have got together to take on the challenge of Llanberis Path, Snowdon. Abida, Rachel, Ayesha, Matthew, Kirsty, and former employee Grace, will be taking on the longest of the 6 main paths to the summit of Snowdon on Monday 5th August! The 9 mile trek is estimated to take them approximately 5-6 hours.

The team are raising money for a number of different charities, each chosen for their own personal reasons. Any donations and support would be hugely appreciated!

Keep an eye on our wesbite for how the team got on!

Links for donations are down below, all support is much appreciated!

Good luck guys!!!

Rachel's page for Birmingam Dogs Home

Matt's page for St Paul's Centre

Abida's page for the Syria Crisis Appeal

Ayesha's page for Haven House Children's Hospice

Kirsty's page for Birmingham Mind



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