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Another family successfully makes strides

Another family successfully makes strides

10 September 2021

Another family successfully makes strides

​Here are a few words from a family who stayed in our Dudley Lodge Centre, Coventry describing their personal experience of their time with us.


“We were told to come here by social services and were feeling really nervous when we first arrived. We’d seen bad reviews online but felt welcome as soon as we arrived and it really wasn’t as bad as we’d imagined.”

“The sessions were helpful and taught us a lot. Going out for buddy sessions to check how I was, was nice and also meant I wasn’t stuck in the flat. The one to one sessions were very helpful as well. We found it a useful experience overall as we learnt new things we hadn’t thought of about how to look after Lisa.”

“My favourite memory was when the Euros were on and staff came to the flat to watch them with us whilst I was looking after Lisa. I also really enjoyed watching Lisa grow and socialise with the other babies when we were there, she was so small when we first got there and now, she’s so big.”

“The evening activities like the quiz and games were a lot of fun and get you out of the flat and socialising.”

“We enjoyed working with the staff and felt they were kind, helpful and we were able to talk to them openly. We were so happy to get a good outcome and leave together.”


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