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About Dudley Lodge

Dudley Lodge is a UK registered non-profit making charity and company limited by guarantee. Dudley Lodge was established in 1895 and is one of the leading Family Assessment Centres in England and Wales.

Dudley Lodge operates from two Centres; Dudley Lodge Family Assessment Centre in Coventry and Bonner House Family Assessment Centre in Birmingham. Both Centres are regulated by Ofsted, Dudley Lodge received an Outstanding Status during their inspection in 2018 and Bonner House received a Good Status during their inspection in 2017.  

Dudley Lodge is a nation-wide resource, and well respected by local authorities, solicitors and Children’s Guardians  both in the Midlands and further afield. We work to agreed Assessment Requirements and aim to tailor all our approaches and interventions  to reflect the needs of each individual family.  Our approach always remains child centred.

We promote a culture which encourages people to be open to new experiences, recognise their strengths and strive to achieve.  This relates to everyone who accesses, and works within, our services.

Our Values

Dudley Lodge holds values that govern and guide our practice in dealing with each other; our professional colleagues, clients and suppliers, and in achieving our corporate objectives.

We believe that:

All children have the right to have their safety and welfare needs met.

All adults have a responsibility to respond to concerns, worries and doubts regarding the safety and wellbeing of children wherever they may be.

It is people who make the difference in any enterprise and to give their best they must be treated with dignity and respect.

This set of values forms part of our ‘Standards and Behaviours’ that all staff working at both Centres endeavour to meet.

What Professionals have said about Dudley Lodge

“Staff were able to identify/manage risk in a manner that safeguards others within the centre alongside meeting the needs of the family. The support offered gave the family the very best opportunity to demonstrate and develop their parenting skills. I was very satisfied with the service both the family and I received from Bonner House- excellent multiagency working.” - Local Authority Social Worker

An external Social Worker's experience with Dudley Lodge - "I have found the process of working with Dudley Lodge to run smoothly with good communication and feedback provided throughout the assessment. This ensured that both myself and the family were aware of how the placement was going and what support needed to be provided."


Head Office: 

Dudley Lodge
143 Warwick Road
Tel: 024 7650 2800