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Day Assessments

If a Residential or Community Based Assessment is not considered appropriate, we can offer families a Day Assessment.

We provide families with a fully furnished flat at either Centre to undertake a realistic assessment of their parenting. This can be a more cautious way of conducting an assessment where there is significant concern and hesitation regarding placing the child back into their family’s care. It can also be useful for where the current family home is not safe/appropriate to undertake a community based assessment. It limits the level of disruption to school age children placed in foster care as assessments can be undertaken over weekends and school holiday periods.

The assessment sessions will focus upon ‘assessment requirements’ of the referring parties and may include the child’s health & development, safety and relationship with their parent/s etc. The assessment may consist of assessment sessions, interviews and contact observation. Costs are based on a full or half day. Where appropriate, overnight stays can be arranged.