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Healthy Heart Sweets

Healthy Heart Sweets

10 July 2018

Healthy Heart Sweets

We all know how hard it can be to get your children to eat healthy, especially in the Summer when we seem to be surrounded by ice cream, lollipops, and slushies high in sugar. We also know not every child is crazy about fruit and getting them to eat their five a day can be a challenge.

Our healthy version of a Haribo heart sweet is the perfect way to keep your child cool as they're frozen. They packed with healthy ingredients, have no added sugar and take little time to make - winning!

If you want to keep your child unaware to the healthy stuff inside them feel free to make them alone, but if not, they're ideal to make with your kids as they don't create too much mess, have minimal ingredients and get them to see that eating fruit can be fun and creative.

The heart-shaped ice cube trays we use aren’t necessary for the process – you can use any shape tray but we will link you to some at the bottom of this article!

- 1 punnet of strawberries
- 1 pot of yoghurt

Things you’ll need:
- Blender
- Knife
- Ice cube tray
- Spoon

The snack is made up of three layers. To start you’ll need to make the strawberry pure – the main ingredient for the snack.

Start by removing the stem and any green leaves off the strawberries and chop into halves. Add to a blender and blitz till they are of a puree consistency.

Fill 1/3 of the ice cube tray with the puree – making sure not to use all of it.

Mix the remaining strawberry puree to three tablespoons of yoghurt until it is all mixed in and pale pink in colour – add this to fill another 1/3 of the ice cube tray.

Fill the remaining 1/3 of the ice cube tray with just yoghurt.

Freeze for around 4 hours.


Links to Ice Cube Trays:

Dunelm - Dunelm £2.50

Amazon – Amazon £3.25













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