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6 Ways to Keep Your Child Cool in the Heat

6 Ways to Keep Your Child Cool in the Heat

17 July 2018

6 Ways to Keep Your Child Cool in the Heat

1. Dress Appropriately

Be sure to keep your child in light airy clothing. Too many layers will make them hot and distressed, especially during the evening and night time. When putting your baby to sleep, if the temperature is above 25 degrees a nappy and cotton vest is suitable. Remember that temperature drops throughout the night so be sure to check the temperature as the evening progresses.

2. Keep your Home Cool

During the day keep windows open but curtains closed. It’ll avoid a ‘glass house’ effect and keep rooms as cool as possible. Electric fans are good but adding a bowl of ice water to the room will cool it down as the ice melts and help the fan to circulate more than just warm air. Remember to make sure the fan is out of reach for small children.

3. Cool Baths

Cool baths or baths at a slightly lower temperature to usual are recommended, especially on an evening before bedtime. They’ll help to cool your baby down and regulate their temperature but really cold baths will put your baby into shock and cause their body to heat up.

4.  Check your Baby’s Temperature

Hands and feet often feel colder than the rest of the body, check with a thermometer to accurately measure their temperature and feel the back of the neck to ensure they’re not sweating. If you think they’re hot and sweating, keep them hydrated and use a damp cold flannel to cool them down. It’s also helpful to keep a thermometer in their bedroom, babies sleep most comfortably when the temperature is between 16C and 20C

5. Paddling Pools and Shade

During the day paddling pools are a great way to not just cool off but keep kids entertained. Try to make sure they play in the shade as much as possible but that when they are in the sun that they’re protected with sun location you can check out the best summer price comparisons on factor 50 in our news article HERE

6. Keep Them Hydrated and Cool with Water and Cool Snacks

Hydration is key in the heat, it will help to prevent dehydration and overheating. Babies that are breastfeeding are fine with just milk but you may find they want to feed more often. Babies on formula or older children can be given water between feeding. For children on solid food, you can check out our healthy summer snacks that are not only healthy but refrigerated or frozen to make cool snacks, great for cooling down. Video tutorials can be found HERE or links to articles HERE

The sudden spike in temperature is something we’re not used to, especially for such a long period of time in the UK! Keeping your baby or young child cool can be a worry as overheating is not only distressing to a child but very dangerous for their health. 


If you’re concerned your baby is overheating ring 111 for advice and symptoms. If your baby is unresponsive or in immediate danger ring 999.


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