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Diwali is a festival many of us have heard of but not many know the story behind. Celebrated by Hindus Diwali is a festival of light celebrating an incarnation of their god as Rama. The festival of light based on the story of Rama returning to his people after being exiled for 14 days. It’s believed in this time Rama fought a demon king and... Read more

Spooky Halloween Cupcakes


Ingredients: For the cake: 110g softened butter 110g golden caster sugar 2 large eggs ½ tsp vanilla extract 110g self-raising flour For the Buttercream: 75g softened butter 150g icing sugar 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 tbsp milk Orange food colouring Extras: Green and black icing for... Read more

The Dangers of the App ‘Whisper’ for Children


Overview Whisper is an app found on mobile and Android devices. There are no age restrictions on the app which means anyone young enough to have a mobile could be interacting with someone 50 and above. When you sign up to the app there are no age restrictions, you’re free to select your age yourself with no verification. The app is... Read more

6 Ways to Make Sure Your Child's Safe on Snapchat


​Snapchat is one of the most popular apps among young children today. Snapchat is commonly the first social media app that children are allowed to download as parents can often perceive it to be the safest app because they believe they don’t have access to as many outsider dangers. However, with recent updates, children are now exposed to... Read more