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Anti-bullying Week


​ This Anti-bullying week the focus is on ‘choose respect’. The usual wear odd sock day is also continued on the first day of the anti-bullying week. This year, however, the first ever ‘Stop Speak Support’ cyberbullying day is launched today (15th November) in a bid to tackle cyberbullying and help those affected by it... Read more

World Kindness Day


Today is world kindness day! A perfect day to fall amongst Anti-Bullying Week in a step to make the world a kinder place. World Kindness day is celebrated annually on the 13th November around the world. Other counties that take part include Canada, Japan, Australia, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Italy, and India. World kindness... Read more



​As we enter the Winter season Meningitis Awareness is increasingly important as there is a higher risk of contracting the disease during this period. It can be easy to misjudge Meningitis symptoms for a classic Winter cold so read on to discover symptoms and signs and what to do if you suspect you or someone you know has fallen ill. Symptoms... Read more